Barbie Princess Charm School

A Barbie princess loves to play dress-up and let her imagination run wild. The Barbie Princess Charm School website offers fun activities and games for kids, including Princess Poise, Princess Tea Party and Royal Dance. From high fashion to understated elegance, fairytales come to life with interactive Barbie games and videos. You will be thoroughly entertained with the Barbie Princess Charm School website. You can attend the online academy, where you will be given the opportunity to play exciting games, acquire royal badges and be crowned a beautiful Barbie princess. Our exclusive computer activities for kids are sure to amuse the fairy princess in every girl. In the Barbie: Princess Charm School movie, Blair Willows is invited to attend the academy and learn how to become a princess. She is soon mistaken by her teacher as the kingdom's missing princess. Blair's world is turned upside-down as she and her new friends, Delancy and Hadley, embark on a journey to find an enchanted crown and prove Blair's real identity. The Barbie: Princess Charm School movie delights the inner-princess in every little girl. Graceful and glamorous, a Barbie princess represents royalty and prestige. She has fun with dress-up, participates in exciting princess games and listens to instruction on how to be the very best princess she can be. From attending etiquette school to meeting new people, Blair discovers a whole new world. And with our Barbie Princess Charm School website, you can too!

Be sure to watch the Barbie: Princess Charm School movie, then have fun playing interactive Barbie games and watching related videos online, where princess dreams can come true.

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