Barbie Dolls of the World

Welcome to Barbie: Dolls of the World! Travel around the world and meet the a-mazing dolls of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Holland, Mexico, India and Ireland. Earn stamps for your passport by visiting each country, playing pink-tastic games and collecting glam-tastic printable coloring pages and paper dolls. Once you earn all the passport stamps, you can unlock a fab prize! Learn how to say "Hello" in each country, read fun facts and enjoy doll-lightful international activities!

Barbie: Dolls of the World features an interactive map, as well as princess-perfect games and activities. In Argentina, play Tango Dress Designer—a fab-tastic fashion game that includes designing gorgeous dance dresses with Barbie. In Australia, express your worldly creative side with Wildlife Shutter Snapper—a modeling game that lets you photograph Barbie at a glam magazine photo shoot. In China, become a chef extraordinaire in Supreme Chef—a doll-licious cooking game where you make a traditional (and tasty!) Chinese meal with Barbie. And in Ireland, enjoy Stepdance Heroine—a dance-tastic game that puts you in charge of the music while Barbie stepdances at a 'Feis' to a fab routine. In Brazil, Chile, Holland, Mexico and India, experience the regal fashions and culture of each country with printable paper dolls and coloring pages.

Pack a bag and enjoy traveling through the doll-lightful countries of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Holland, Mexico, India and Ireland!

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